Larry Thompson interview

The Law & Economics Center at George Mason University, a sponsor of our symposium “Overcriminalization 2.0: Developing Consensus Solutions”, interviewed former Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson on the importance of finding solutions to the issue of overcriminalization.  Click here for the video. You can also visit our Media section to see the rest of the[…]

Overcriminalization 2.0 wrap-up

Thank you to our speakers and sponsors for a successful legal symposium. We will post pictures and video from the symposium in the very near future, as well as information on how to order a copy of the symposium issue due out in Spring 2011.

PepsiCo General Counsel to Speak at Symposium

PepsiCo, Inc. General Counsel and Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Larry Thompson will keynote “Overcriminalization 2.0: Developing Consensus Solutions,” on October 21, 2010.  Before joining PepsiCo, Thompson served as Deputy Attorney General at the Department of Justice under President Bush.