JLEP Congratulates Its 2013-2014 Incoming Masthead

Saturday, March 2, 2013

JLEP has elected its Masthead for 2013-2014. The journal’s incoming group of editors is loaded with talent, and will be responsible for handling all aspects of the journal’s operation. The new editors are:

Editor-in-Chief: Steven Dunn
Executive Editor: Crystal Yi
Managing Editor: Sarah Mernin
Publications Editor: Meagan Dziura
Senior Articles Editor: Michael Rodgers
Articles Editor: Preston Wise
Articles Editor: David Dubin
Senior Research Editor: Kelly Fryberger
Research Editor: Victoria Clarke
Research Editor: Ian Rothfuss
Senior Notes Editor: Max Slackman
Senior Notes Editor: Erica Peterson
Articles Selection Editor: Preston Wise
Symposium Editor: Kevin Hill

JLEP has also selected ten new Full Members: Josh Branson, Keiko Breyan, Brady Cummins, Ryan Leavitt, Mariam Noori, Catie Oryl, Kyra Smerkanich, Jonathan Stapor, Charles Thresher, and Allison Walsh.

Please join us in congratulating the new Masthead and Full Members.