Announcing the 2011-2012 Editorial Board

The Journal of Law, Economics & Policy announces the 2011-2012 Editorial Board:

Editor-in-Chief – Larry Pounders
Executive Editor – Shannon Lautenschlager
Managing Editor – Daniel J. Wisniewski
Publications Editor – Laura Lieberman
Senior Articles Editor – John Buckley
Articles Editor – Rachel Fertig
Articles Editor – Graham Dufault
Articles Submissions Editor – Dallin Glenn
Senior Research Editor – Mike DeRita
Research Editor – Andrew Galle
Research Editor – Elyse Dorsey
Senior Notes Editor – Katie Barnes
Notes Editor – Brendan Mullarkey
Notes Editor – Daniel Glynn
Notes Editor – Melissa Alfano

The Journal also announces the following student notes and comments selected for publication in upcoming issues:

Katie Barnes – ‘Laissez Faire L’Anglais’: Why France Should Abandon the Toubon Law and Embrace Linguistic Freedom.
Andrew Galle – Whistleblowing in the Intelligence Community: Why a New Board Will be a Step in the Right Direction.
Daniel Glynn – Granholm’s Ends do not Justify the Means: The Twenty-First Amendment’s Temperance Goals Trump Free Market Idealism.
Laura Lieberman – Congressional Underlay: The Weaknesses of Proposed Online Gambling Regulations.
Christina Newton Interpreting Caperton: A Hybrid Solution to the Public Choice Problem in Judicial Elections.
Daniel J. Wisniewski – Vegetation as a Nuisance: Conflicting Land Uses.

We would also like to congratulate the following casenotes and comments that were selected as Honorable Mentions:

Elyse Dorsey – Determining When Contempt Proceedings are Appropriate against Repeat Patent Infringers: Costs, Benefits, and Echostar.
Brendan Mullarkey – CREDITORS BEWARE! Discharge in Bankruptcy: Affirmative Defense or Debtor’s Offense
Larry Pounders – “Outlaw” Contract Terms in Consumer Contracting: Mispricing, Market Inefficiencies & the Overconsumption of Risk.
Billy Wiegand – Why South Korean Mobile Phones have Faster Connection Speeds than their American Counterparts.