Welcome Candidate Members!

The Journal of Law, Economics & Policy recently made its selections for the write-on competition at George Mason University School of Law.  Out of about 140 applications, we selected 28 candidate members to join our editorial team for the 2011-2012 year.  The primary responsibility of the candidate members will be to edit pieces accepted for publication for style, content, and proper citation.  The following list is the 2011-2012 JLEP candidate member class:

Peter Anderson
Emily Barber
David Brodian
Michael Brody
Joseph Calascoine
Kylie Caporuscio
Benjamin Charlton
Nathaniel Harris
Carolyn Head
Karl Helgerson
Jennifer Johnston
Anthony Peter Kanakis
Hollie Kapos
Juan Kassar
Jason Malashevich
Louise Martin
Jacob Merrill
Genevieve Miller
Elizabeth Newell
Adam Park
Alex Payne
Tom Randall
Adam Schneider
Morgan De Ann Shields
Mark Stevens
Robert Strange
Mark Weiss
Lauren Wynns


-JLEP Editorial Board