Issue 7.4 Shipped — Overcriminalization 2.0: Developing Consensus Solutions

Volume 7.4 of the Journal of Law, Economics & Policy was shipped recently.  Subscribers should have already received their copies in the mail.  The following transcripts are included in issue 7.4, and can be found online on Westlaw, Lexis, or HeinOnline.  Congratulations to the speakers!

Overcriminalization 2.0: Developing Consensus Solutions
7 J. L. Econ. & Pol’y 565

Ellen S. Podgor

Opening Remarks
Norman L. Reimer

Ketnote Speech: The Reality of Overcriminalization
Larry D. Thompson

Remarks on the Introduction of Criminal Law Reform Initiatives
Ronald L. Gainer

From “Overcriminalization” to “Smart on Crime”: American Criminal Justice Reform — Legacy and Prospects
Roger A Fairfax, Jr.

Agents Prosecuting Agents
Larry E. Ribstein

Overcriminalization 2.0: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Plea Bargaining and Overcriminalization
Lucian E. Dervan

Criminal Law’s Unfortunate Triumph Over Administrative Law
Darryl K. Brown

Playing With The Rules: An Effort to Strengthen the Mens Rea Standards of Federal Criminal Laws
Geraldine Szott Moohr

Remarks on Restoring the Mens Rea Requirement
Harvey Silvergate

The Better Part of Lenity
Marie Gryphon

Developing Consensus Solutions to Overcriminalization Problems: The Way Ahead
Jeffrey S. Parker

This completes Volume 7.  The Journal of Law, Economics & Policy gives its deepest thanks and congratulations to the 2010-2011 Editorial Board for putting together a great volume, and being great mentors for the new editorial board.  Thank you, and good luck:

2010-2011 Editorial Board

Samuel Adelmann, Editor-in-Chief
Eva Choi, Executive Editor
Allen Brooks, Managing Editor
Reid MacHarg, Senior Articles Editor
Andrew Hunt, Senior Research Editor
Laura Farley, Senior Notes Editor
Jessica Hoppe, Notes & Research Editor
Sarah Nash, Notes Editors
Katrina Doran, Research Editor
Jacob Shorter, Articles Submissions Editor
Murat Mungan, Associate Editor
Jennifer Bradfute, Member Emeritus
Shamus Brennan, Member
Karuna Brunk, Member Emeritus
Bill Knauss, Member
Shane McCarrick, Member
Katherine McCormack, Member
Alexandra Zimmer, Member Emeritus

-2011-2012 JLEP Editorial Board