Issue 7.4 Now Available Online

Issue 7.4 of The Journal of Law, Economics & Policy is now available on our website.  You can access a PDF file of the entire issue by clicking on the “Issues” tab above, or you can follow the link “PDF” below.  It is also available on Lexis and WestLaw, starting at 7 J.L. Econ. & Pol’y 565.

Issue 7.4

Overcriminalization 2.0: Developing Consensus Solutions [PDF]

Ellen S. Podgor

Opening and Keynote

Opening Remarks
Norman L. Reimar

Keynote Speech: The Reality of Overcriminalization
Larry D. Thompson

Panel 1: The Potential of “Smart on Crime” Reform Initiatives

Remarks on the Introduction of Criminal Law Reform Initiatives.
Ronald L. Gainer

From “Overcriminalization” to “Smart on Crime”: American Criminal Justice Reform — Legacy and Prospects
Roger A. Fairfax, Jr.

Panel 2: Monitoring Prosecutors

Agents Prosecuting Agents
Larry E. Ribstein

Overcriminalization 2.0: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Plea Bargaining and Overcriminalization
Lucian E. Dervan

Panel 3: Regulation of Criminalization

Criminal Law’s Unfortunate Triumph Over Administrative Law
Darryl K. Brown

 Panel 4: Restoring the Mens Rea Requirement

Playing With The Rules: An Effort to Strengthen the Mens Rea Standards of Federal Criminal Laws
Geraldine Szott Mohr

Remarks on Restoring the Mens Rea Requirement
Harvey Silvergate

The Better Part of Lenity
Marie Gryphon

Developing Consensus Solutions to Overcriminalization Problems: The Way Ahead
Jeffrey S. Parker