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JLEP‘s mission is to publish and distribute four annual, innovative, thought-provoking journals on law, economics and policy.

The Journal represents a unique undertaking. It is the first student-run journal of law and economics in legal academia. The journal serves as an outlet for the experience and interests of George Mason law students, including our Levy Fellows, who are economics Ph.D.’s currently working on their J.D.’s. Most important, it is structured as a cooperative journal. Although student-edited, the journal is peer-reviewed, ensuring that the published articles are of the highest quality. One issue each year will be devoted to specialized symposia bearing on important questions of legal and economic policy. The second annual issue will be a peer-reviewed compendium of articles submitted by individual authors. The focus will be on the legal side of law and economics, an approach that we hope will de-emphasize technical mathematics while providing readers with greater access to economic insights about legal and policy issues.

JLEP Editorial Board

Manmeet Dhindsa
Jesse Hong
Executive Editor
Gwen Ball
Managing Editor
Samantha Grunberg
Senior Articles Editor
Geoff Moody
Senior Notes Editor
Liz Dalton
Senior Research Editor
Matt Devendorf
Senior Research Editor
Elif Aksoy
Articles Selection Editor
Christopher Harris
Symposium Editor
Justin Hillman
Publications Editor

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